Direct Marketing:
Coastline Consulting markets our clients’ products and services in person, rather than over the phone or via email.

Professional Consulting:
Coastline Consulting works with the largest clients in the telecommunications,​ ​energy, and fiber optics industries due to our customer acquisition rate and 100% ROI.

Face-to-Face Sales:
Our marketing and sales representatives produce long term, profitable customers for our clients through a face-to-face sales strategy.

Brand Awareness:
At Coastline Consulting, we are committed to being the best option for our client when looking to increase brand awareness and drive tangible results.

Customer Acquisition:
Through our superior product knowledge and effective marketing and sales techniques, we acquire new customers for our clients on a daily basis!

Management Training: 
All of our team members are given the opportunity to start at an entry level position and advance into a managerial role.